Introducing PINNRZ Purple LOW-THC/CBD Slim Joints

Toronto, Canada, April 29, 2022 - PINNRZ™ is proud to announce the availability of the brand’s newest product, a 6 pack of PINNRZ™ Purple, available to licensed retail partners across Ontario May 3, 2022. 

PINNRZ™ Purple are balanced, low-THC/CBD (5-11%) premium 0.25g slim joints with sweet, earthy, floral flavours. A perfect option for a regular user looking for a less potent joint, or a novice user looking for a mellow experience, PINNRZ™ Purple are evenly packed with hand-selected, naturally mild, premium blends.

“We developed this product in response to direct feedback from budtenders who know there is high consumer demand for a low-THC, CBD-balanced alternative to the high-THC products currently available,” says John X. Prentice, Founder and CEO. “We’re excited to bring this product to the market and to offer a new demographic of consumers the chance to experience PINNRZ™. They won’t be disappointed with the taste or quality of PINNRZ™ Purple.”

PINNRZ™ are iconic, slim joints that are designed to provide a new experience, nostalgic and familiar, to Canadian consumers in a classic form. PINNRZ™ was founded in 2021 and operates under license by Mediwanna in Bowmanville, Ontario. Join us on the journey and learn more about our products at Follow us on Instagram and Twitter (@pinnrz).

For more information please contact: Amy Prentice, Head of PR at