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Iconic New Rolls: Introducing PINNRZ BLUE & YELLOW Slim Joints

Toronto, Canada, December 2, 2021 - PINNRZ™ is proud to announce the availability of their iconic 0.25g joints throughout Ontario retail outlets and The first of its kind, the new simple format redefines ‘slim’ and provides a new opportunity to busy consumers in a classic form.

Sold in a convenient 6 pack and ideal for light-to-moderate consumption, PINNRZ™ are currently available in two flavours: Yellow (Fruity) and Blue (Gassy) ranging from 18-24% THC. 

Each PINNR™ is evenly packed with hand-selected cannabis blends in classic white rolling papers, machine-milled, and carefully hand-twisted by our crew of PINGINEERS in Bowmanville, Ontario to preserve flavour and quality. 

“Our goal is to bring to market an everyday pre-roll that is specifically crafted to reflect and pay homage to the retro ‘PINNR™’ format that consumers historically popularized,” says John X. Prentice, Founder and CEO. “We designed our entire production process to ensure we’re making PINNRZ™ that deliver an ultra-premium smoking experience from twist to crutch (filter). The real secret to making this possible is our incredible PINGINEERS who are completely dedicated and armed with proprietary tools to deliver a superior product.”       

“We’re a small company, but we have a massive opportunity in the consumer demand for a higher-quality slim pre-roll,” says Ryan Abramowitz, Head of Brand Marketing. “Craftsmanship and care are way above our bottom-line and as a result we make products our entire crew is proud to share. We’ve thoughtfully rooted our brand in nostalgia and experience because we think a little differently about how we connect with consumers, fellow budtenders, and the cannabis community. Our roadshow is just getting started and we can’t wait for PINNRZ™ to be the only truly iconic slim joint.” 

Join PINNRZ™ on the journey and learn more about our products at Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to see what comes next.

PINNRZ™ are iconic, slim joints that are designed to provide a new experience, nostalgic and familiar, to Canadian consumers in a classic form. PINNRZ™ was founded in 2021 and operates under license by Mediwanna in Bowmanville, Ontario. Join us on the journey and learn more about our products at Follow us on Instagram and Twitter (@pinnrz).

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