PINNRZ™ Mixtape 14 pack 7 gassy flavours 7 fruity flavours
PINNRZ™ Smoke Iconic slim joints canada. Pinnrz™ Yellow. Pinnrz™ Blue. Gas. Diesel. Kerosene. Fruit. Berry. Citrus


Toronto, Canada, July 5, 2022 - PINNRZ™ is thrilled to release the brand’s newest product the PINNRZ™ Blue & Yellow Mixtape, on sale in retail stores across Ontario and on beginning July 5, 2022.

Mixtape is a 14 pack of 7 PINNRZ™ Yellow and 7 PINNRZ™ Blue iconic 0.25g slim joints. Consumers can purchase 3.5 grams of handcrafted PINNRZ™ and choose between our classic, high-THC, fruity (Yellow) and gassy (Blue) flavourful blends.

“We’ve wanted to bring a larger pack size to our consumers for a very long time,” says Ryan Abramowitz, Head of Brand Marketing. “Blue & Yellow Mixtape offers variety and 14 beautifully hand-crafted PINNRZ™, that our crew has taken great care to craft and package to preserve the quality and flavour profiles they are known for.”

PINNRZ™ are iconic, slim joints that are designed to provide a new experience, nostalgic and familiar, to Canadian consumers in a classic form. PINNRZ™ was founded in 2021 and operates under license by Final Bell in Bowmanville, Ontario. Join us on the journey and learn more about our products at Follow us on Instagram and Twitter (@pinnrz).

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